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Dog Training – Coventry CT

When you adopt a dog in Coventry CT, Pawsitive Expectations can improve your experience with professional dog training. Are you planning to adopt a new puppy or bring a shelter pup into your home?When you bring a dog into your family, everybody wins. Although love and affection go a long way, your dog needs to be trained. Like children, pets need loving guidance and discipline. When you want to gently correct your dog and reward all the good behaviors – but don’t know how – call Pawsitive Expectations.

Get your dog off to a great start and introduce your new dog to Pawsitive Expectations. We will help you learn to communicate with your dog and connect with him on a level he can understand. Basic obedience training, applied appropriately, can lead to a happier and more fulfilled home life… for both of you. We train your family to communicate your pet and correct him lovingly.

What can you expect from your experience with us? We love dogs and we want the best home life possible for your family and your pet. Ask us about the importance of positive reinforcement and how to train your dog to obey simple commands. At Positive Expectations, we love caring and connecting with animals. Our goal is to improve your relationship with your dog to improve your family life. Call us at 860-324-4764 for an appointment.

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