Clicker Training

in Columbia, CT

clicker training featured image

Clicker Training is a positive reinforcement system that uses the clicker ( signal ) to tell the dog precisely what it was doing right at that point in time. Behaviors that are marked by a click and therefore reinforced are more likely to happen again. Dogs learn very quickly that Click = treat.

The sound of the click becomes associated with a positive reward, thereby becoming rewarding itself.

A clicker is a convenient quick, clear, and precise marker signal. It signifies clarity and confidence to the dog even when the owner might be hesitant or fearful. Clicker Training puts the focus on what the dog is doing right instead of what he is doing wrong.

The basic of clicker training is quite easy. You see the behavior, you mark it with a click and then you reward the behavior. It is crucial that the click be followed immediately by a primary reinforcer. Food treats work well here for most dogs.