Best Dog Training Mansfield CT

Best Dog Training Mansfield CT

Are you looking for a company to provide the best dog training in Mansfield, CT? Do yourself a favor and contact Pawsitive Expectations K9 Training today! We are locally owned and provide service to the Mansfield area and nearby towns! We can help you teach your dog new skills, obedience training, voice commands, and more by using positive learning tools. You do not have to use force, negative tools, or dominance to train your dog. Not only will your dog learns new behaviors, but you will also leave with new skills to continue training without us! Keep reading to learn more about our training methods!

Behavior Training

No two dogs learn the same way, and it would be a waste of time to try. Before we begin any sessions, we like to first meet you and your dog and learn their habits. This allows us to have a better understanding of their needs and will help us customize a program for them. Additionally, we like to meet dogs inside their homes where they are most comfortable. Doing it this way gets a clear look at their behaviors in their own environment.

Clicker Training

Another effective training method is clicker training. Essentially, clicker training uses a clicking sound to signal that your dog did something right at a specific time. Dogs catch on quickly that a click = a treat. Eventually, the click will become a reward in itself because your dog will have associated the sound with a treat. The best benefit to using clicker training is it’s consistent and sends a clear signal to your dog.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement rewards your dog for good behavior. The best way to make this an effective tool is by finding out what motivates your dog. Usually, dogs are food driven so they are given treats. Some dogs respond better to praise and affection, others favor a favorite toy. Consistency is absolutely vital when it comes to teaching dogs new behaviors through positive reinforcement. Everyone at home must be on board to make this training successful!

We appreciate you reading our latest blog on what makes us the best dog training in Mansfield, CT. Contact us today to get your dog on our schedule! You can call us at  860-324-4764 and chat with someone on our team. You can also visit our website for more information!

Best Dog Training Mansfield CT