Best Dog Training Lebanon CT

Best Dog Training Lebanon CT

When you are looking for the best dog training in Lebanon, CT, you must consider Pawsitive Expectations K9 Training! We are proud to be of service in the Lebanon area and surrounding towns! Our mission is to help you teach your dog obedience training, voice commands, and more through positive learning tools. We believe that every dog can be trained without using force, negative tools, or dominance. You can rest assured that your dog is in safe, compassionate hands when you choose to work with us. Furthermore, it won’t just be your dog that learns new tricks. You will leave with the knowledge to continue training at home! Read on as we further discuss our methods of training.

Behavior Training

Firstly, before we begin training your dog, we will have a thorough meet and greet. No two dogs are alike, and it would be naive to think any differently. After we have met with you and your dog, we will have a better understanding of their needs and will be able to tailor a training program specifically for them. Not only that but our meet and greet will take place at your home, where your dog is most comfortable. That way, we can get a clear understanding of behaviors in their own environment.

Positive Reinforcement

Secondly, we utilize positive reinforcement to essentially reward your dog for good behavior. A crucial element to this being successful is learning what motivates your dog. More often than not, dogs are food driven.  Our team will take the time to learn what best motivates your dog. Sometimes it’s praise and affection, some times it’s a favorite toy. After we determine what they best respond to, the training can begin. Consistency is key when it comes to teaching dogs new behaviors through positive reinforcement. Because of this, it is imperative that everyone at home is on the same page when it comes to acceptable behaviors.

Clicker Training

Lastly, we also offer clicker training. Clicker training uses a clicker to let your dog know exactly what it did right at a specific time. Dogs are smart, so they quickly learn that a click = a treat. Eventually, your dog will associate the sound of the clicker with a positive reward, therefore, it becomes a reward in itself. A great benefit to using clicker training is it sends a clear, consistent message to your dog. This is particularly helpful if you are nervous or hesitant. The process is simple, the dog does the correct behavior, you acknowledge it with a click, and immediately follow with a treat. Simple!

Thank you for checking out our latest blog on what makes us the best dog training in Lebanon, CT. If you are ready to teach your dog some new behaviors, reach out today! You can call us at  860-324-4764 or visit our website for more information!

Best Dog Training Lebanon CT