Best Dog Training Hebron CT

Best Dog Training Hebron CT

Are you looking for the best dog training in Hebron, CT, check out Pawsitive Expectations K9 Training! We proudly serve the Hebron area and also surrounding towns! By using positive learning tools, we will teach your dog obedience training, voice commands, and more! Every dog can be trained without using force, negative tools, or dominance, we guarantee it. Our team is patient, and understanding, and works with all breeds and temperaments. In addition to teaching your dog new behaviors, you will also leave with some new tricks to continue the training at home! We use three types of training methods, read on as we detail them.

Positive Reinforcement

First off, we practice positive reinforcement to effectively reward your dog for listening to a command. For this to be successful, we must first take the time to learn what motivates your dog. Dogs are usually food driven. Sometimes they can respond better to praise and affection, or a favorite toy. Consistency is the most important thing when using positive reinforcement to teach dogs new behaviors. It is important that the whole family is on the same page when it comes to training.

Behavior Training

It is important to note, that before we begin any type of training, we will have a thorough meeting with you and your dog. Moreover, no two dogs are the same so they will not learn the same. A meeting with you and your dog will give us a better understanding of their needs and allow us to create a training program specifically for them. We like to do our meet and greets in your home, that way your dog is relaxed and comfortable.

Clicker Training

We also provide clicker training. Clicker training uses a clicker to teach your dog that it did something right at a specific time. Dogs quickly learn that a click = a treat. Eventually, the click will become the reward because your dog will have associated it with a treat. The great thing about using clicker training is it sends an unmistakable message to your dog. If you are nervous or hesitant, the clicker works best because it won’t misinterpret emotions.

We appreciate you checking out our latest blog on what makes us the best dog training in Hebron, CT. If you are ready to take the jump and start teaching your dog some new behaviors, call us today! We can be reached at  860-324-4764 or you can visit our website for more information!

Best Dog Training Hebron CT